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With each passing year, major art is being sold through internet rather than standard settings. Even galleries themselves, traditionally a haven of in-person sales, are seeing more and more online business. In fact, some young galleries report that more than half their sales come online, meaning they’ve never met most of their collectors.

From large priced fine art to alcove crafts, more and more art lovers are getting used to sailing art online. The innovative arts have seen a slower push than a few enterprises with online deals; however that is changed in the course of recent years. And many artists are bounding galleries all together, determining to take their work precisely online and skipping the middleman.

With enormous variety of convenient for every style of art, the alternatives can be overwhelming. We’ve decided to help to explaining the ins and outs of the VersatileArt for selling art online.

Don’t understand how to sell art online? Or where you should start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

VersatileArt:- Now that you’ve got a great, stylish website, In order to sell your art on VersatileArt, there is a pre-approval process. Note that all types of art are eligible. Two-dimensional mixed media, Original paintings, watercolors, drawings, and three-dimensional art, as well as limited edition photography and prints are permitted.

We also hand over a large number of advantages to their sellers, from handbooks on branding and marketing to practical info on taking the stress out of bookkeeping.

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Our gallery is a curated and ancillary arena, making your work accessible to art lovers global, bridging your work directly with buyers, interior designers and magazines. With no financial risk to you, this platform comes with answer and guidance aimed to seeing your reach your attainable. Subscribe here for news update about upcoming exhibitions relate to art, free events, and our educational and inspiring articles.

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At VersatileArt, we know how hard it is to make a career with your creative work.

“This is what we love. And we out lovely the competition.”

VersatileArt is a labour of love. We’re hands on with our work, helping artists liaise with competitions and buyers. As artists ourselves, our mentoring is unique, centered to helping you develop your work and your career to the very best it can be. With our supportive platform, a helping hand with social media and practical advice we want VersatileArt to be a cornerstone of Indian art, the go-to place for the best and freshest talent India has to offer.