Why selling art online is in every way beneficial than selling offline?

Oil Paintings

You tell me, where do you want to explore your favourite cars? In your bedroom sitting on your couch, holding a coffee mug on a rainy Sunday or driving all the way to the showroom in lousy weather?

I am sure like everyone the first alternative is much smoother for you.

Everything becomes much profitable if you offer convenience to the customers. That is the rule followed by the art world.

This is the reason that online art galleries have become a common sight on the internet today.

People love the idea of selecting the artwork they love from any place at any time. Only a few people are left today who think that offline brick & mortar art galleries are still better to purchase art.

I am going to offer you a brief comparison of what happens when an art aficionado decides to buy paintings from an online and from a brick & mortar gallery. Let’s begin:

External aspects

As an artist, you are in the seventh sky because you have got your first solo show at an art exhibition. You are all prepared and set. Suddenly, heavy rain starts pouring in.

There is a jam on the road in front of the gallery and no parking space is left. In short, all the hopes of you getting a good number of audience is washed away.

This is quite common with artists.

Now consider option number 2. You have collaborated with a renowned art gallery.

Your paintings are there on the internet 24 hours, 365 days for the art lovers. People can buy paintings of their choice with just a few clicks on their laptops or mobiles.

External environmental and allied aspects cannot impact your art sale at any cost.

This is where online galleries offer a considerable large amount of convenience to the art aficionados.


It is true that when you exhibit your paintings at a brick & mortar gallery, people who never searched for your work online and the people of all age group will show up.

Your work is visible to a much creamy layer though, which is understandably less in number.

When you put your work on the internet (like on an online gallery or website), you definitely will be engaged with a much larger audience.

The visibility of your artwork is going to get increased when you are using the online dais.

Stock issues

A situation where a particular artwork of yours that have gained popularity becomes out of stock in an art exhibition in brick & mortar gallery is not good.

People come to buy paintings online to these galleries with an expectation and mind set to get their hands on the desired artwork instantaneously. However, you can take the name and other information of the interested buyers, the probability is that they would never come back.

So, losing stock of the paintings in a physical gallery exhibition, show or gallery will result in loss of money and a hampered brand image.

On the other hand, all the online websites & galleries offer print-on-demand or shipping facilities that completely weed off the stocking issue.

As an artist, you need not worry about the stock of your paintings. Neither you will face loss nor will your image be tarnished.

Gathering feedback

Having the feedback from the audience you have done all the hardwork for is perhaps the most essential step.

Now, in case of brick & mortar gallery, you may have the advantage to request feedback on a personal basis.

However, it is highly unlikely that people who showed up to buy paintings from an auction, show or exhibition will remember to offer you the feedback later as they surely won’t have the time to give it instantly.

Now, in case of an online purchase, happy or agitated customers can surely comment on the gallery’s blog sharing their experience.

Testimonials are a way to show that how happy customers are satiated with your exquisite work.

Every credible website or online gallery have the customer’s review section where other probable buyers can also look at the positives of purchasing your artwork.

Handling the uniqueness

It becomes highly probable that in an offline art show where you are displaying your paintings have other artists with similar sort of artwork.

What happens is that brick & mortar galleries allow numerous artists with similar sorts of artworks. This could dilute your uniqueness altogether.

On the contrary, if you are selling your work online, the process transforms completely. Whenever an art collector seeks a painting that is very much alike to your work, the platform shows ‘similar work’ option.

This directs the audience seeking the best of artwork in that particular genre. Hence the uniqueness of your artwork is not lost.

Final Takeaway

These are some of the basic benefits that you get when you sell your paintings online. If some confusion is still there in your mind, reach us in the comment section and we will talk about it.


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