Comfort food for those perfect evenings with yourself

Planning to spend an evening all by yourself at home? Want to turn it into a movie night or drown yourself in some books or music? Well no evening with yourself can ever be complete with a dish of comfort food of your choice.

Forget your dieting plans for just one evening and give yourself a happy break. Tiring working hours can be demanding and hence when you decide to cut yourself some slack, do make sure that you really enjoy yourself. So need some really great comfort food ideas for the evening or night? Well here are some great options:

  1. Well if you are looking for just the perfect movie date evening with yourself, then there is nothing better than a medium sized londis pizza. Do not forget to order the dip and the extra cheese when you do so. If you are hell bent on keeping it balanced then do make sure that you have a bowl of salad to gulp the pizza down with. One glass of coke along with this delicious delight is just the perfect combination!
  2. Okay, so if you are not a big pizza lover then you can always have burger and fries. Comfort food are on the heavier side and high on calorie count and hence you might want to skip dinner until and unless very hungry. Order a big cheesy burger of your choice with some fries and have fun all by yourself. If you want to you can get some fizzy drinks or lemonade along with it. Burgers are also best paired with salad veggies and hence a bowl full of salad would work in perfect harmony with the burger.
  3. If you are craving for something more Indian and spicy, then there is no better option that heaps and heaps of tandoori chicken or boneless reshmi chicken kebabs along with freshly chopped onion rings and of course a mint and curd dip. Kebabs are a little low on fat content since they are baked and not fried and hence you might want to comfort your mind by telling it that it has less calories than most other fast food and comfort food items. Preparing kebabs without the proper equipments at home can be quite tough and hence it is best to order them in.
  4. If you are looking for something different and not tried out before then you can take a look at the londis pizza menu and go for some really heavy rolls or sandwiches so that you can skip dinner. Order chips with sandwiches since it is best combo and also do not forget to order a dip of your choice.
  5. And last but not the least if you want to save all the expenses of ordering then get some sausages and fry them. Sauté some fresh broccoli and team it up with a bowl steaming cup of Maggie. If you want something hassle free and you are comfortable spending a few minutes in the kitchen, then this really is the perfect option.
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So when it comes to those lovely evening dates with yourself, you simply cannot do without these comfort food items!

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