Best gun accessories for beginners

If you are considering about adopting guns as your primary hobby, then chances are that you probably don’t know a lot about the sport itself. Lots of experienced gun owners will give you tonnes of advice about what to do and what not to do but if you don’t really have someone properly mentoring you, then it might get very challenging in the initial stages. Some people even end up buying a lot of stuff that they don’t necessarily need simply because they weren’t guided properly. In this brief column, I’m going to talk about a few of the essential things that you will need when starting out in the process of making shooting and guns as your part time or full time hobby. So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

  1. The type of gun: if you are reading this, then chances are that you might not have a lot of knowledge about guns and shooting in particular. Sure you can always hear about professionals bragging on about their big guns but since you don’t have a lot of experience to begin with, you should try to avoid the allure of picking something that doesn’t suit you. Always make sure to try out different types of guns at the shooting range and pick one that best suits your combat style. Generally small calibre weapons are preferred but the key to picking is always you. So practice and pick.
  2. Magazine loader: This is one advice that you’ll often hear from professionals of the sport and for good reason. That being that since you’ll be firing a lot, you’ll also be wearing down your fingers in the process of pulling the trigger and reloading magazines. In this case it is always advisable to invest in a magazine loader like the maglula. It makes reloading the magazines a much simpler and quicker affair and you can load a lot of ammo in a very short span of time. That being said, you shouldn’t abandon the habit of reloading the clips with bare hands too because who knows when you might need it.
  3. Sights and scopes: These are things that should be further down your list. In many cases you might not necessarily need one but it is always good to get acquainted with it. There are a ton of unmagnified and magnified reflex sights that are available for purchase at your nearest ammunition. Look for a decent brand like Adcothat provides you with some of the best affordable red dot sight so you don’t overspend.
  4. Additional accessories: Well whatever else you get, always insist on getting your own noise isolating ear cups. You can never tell whether the ones in the local ammunition were cleaned or not and that isn’t very hygienic to begin with. Also an ammo box to carry your magazines and rounds would also be tremendously handy.
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Hope that this guide managed to help you make an informed decision, even if it wasn’t meant for the advanced user. Never shy to seek help from your trainer of local gun retailer if you are confused about something and avoid temptations of spending too much on junk that wouldn’t be useful to you.

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