15 Top Benefits Offered By the Email to Texting SMS Services

Email to SMS is the way of sending SMS from an email. It involves writing an email and then sending them to SMS address. It is one of the ways of communicating SMS to a lot of addresses that are phone numbers. Email is a ubiquitous and straightforward tool that exists today. And email can be written and submitted even by a layman once explained how to do it.

Let Us See Top Benefits of Sending Email To Texting Service.

Simplicity: – Email to SMS service is straightforward, and one has just to write an email and then send SMS to various addresses.

Cost Effective: – It is very cost effective, and it cost decidedly less when compared to other ways of sending SMS.

Reliable: – It is very safe to send SMS from an email to a large number of groups and participants. Thus the delivery is assured.

Ubiquitous Platform/Infrastructure access: – Sending email from various platforms and infrastructure and technology is no longer a limitation. Email can be sent from any platform, including software and technology.

Worldwide access: – Access to email is assured wherever there is an internet connection and email can be sent from reliable email service from anywhere such as geography, locations such as internet café, home, and office, etc.

Easy writing: – Email is the easiest way of writing and delivering message/SMS to the groups or participants or intended destinations.

No Integration Cost: – There are no issues or need for integrating email and SMS infrastructure/platforms for having Email to text service. Ease of integration is the key to adopting the Email to SMS technology.

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Reports: – We can also obtain delivery reports on the failures and successes of the delivery.

Customer Relation: Two-way communications with the customer can produce excellent results for any company. This can result in a delighted customer.

TouchPoints: – Email to SMS can create another touch point with the organisation for the customer thus increasing the sales of the products or service and producing excellent results. The different touch points can be emails, websites, e-paper and social media.

Customer Satisfaction: – Email to SMS with faster and two-way engagements can produce excellent customer satisfaction. However one should be cautious about the privacy of the individuals to either opt in or opt out from the email campaign.

Digital Marketing: – Email to SMS can be used as one of the channels for digital marketing from the multi-channel approach.

Data Analysis: – Data analysed by the targeted Email campaign, and its responses can result in significant results to the organizations.

Email to SMS as a Service: – There are very few companies that are offering this service due to improperly analysed Return of Investments information and thus missing out potential and existing customers to their competitors.

Accessible to the customers: – Customers who have cell phones and smartphones can get the SMS messages and read them in different languages.

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