3 Ways to Keep Your Office Networks More Secure

It does not matter whether you are running an IT company or any other type of business, one thing you will be fighting against always is cybercrime of different variations. Ask yourself, is s your company’s network secure enough? Have you done everything you can to secure the network?  Keeping your IT systems and computers secure is curial for any business now. Employees on all levels play their role in making the network secure. There are little things employees do that can put the company’s data on a stake. For example, if your company’s employee is traveling and he uses free WI-FI to access a company file, it is like inviting a hacker to get into the system. What can you do to prevent all this?

Here, we have brought you 3 ways to make your office network secure:

  1. Fortify the Network Defense

The first thing you should do is put a strong network defense in place. For this purpose, here is what you can do:

  • Install the right firewall
  • Set intrusion detection
  • Secure the Wi-Fi by using encryption
  • Create data backup on frequent basis
  • Ensure user authentication by using strong passwords
  • Conduct network assessment for identifying and addressing the weaknesses in the security system
  1. Install an Antivirus Solutions and Anti-Malware

All the systems in the office should have a good antivirus and anti-malware installed and running. You can’t always keep track of what is downloaded on your computer when you are browsing the web.  But with these tools, your system will be continuously scanned for malicious content. It is not just end of the game to download an antivirus or a malware in your computer, you also have to be sure they are updated. This will ensure there is no unexpected drop in the protection of your system.  That’s not it, you need to keep yourself updated with the emerging threats too so that you invest in such software that can actually deal with these threats.

  1. Restrict Access to Server
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For those who are running a business would know this well that a central server is shared by the whole company and it is divided into various compartments sectioned to each department. Hence, an employee should have access to only relevant part of the server. Accounts of all the ex-employees should be disabled so that the chances of hacking are minimized. A business can surely restrict access to certain files on the server but it should also restrict access to non-approved devices such as laptops, smartphones. So employees will only be able to view information from the Office PC. This will help you protect the data saved on the server as no unauthorized user will be allowed access to it.

Apart from all this, restricting the internet use of your employees can reduce the trouble to a great extent. They can download viruses and malicious content from websites without even knowing and this can do a serious harm to your business. Block all the inappropriate websites and educate your employees about the importance of cyber-security.


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