5 Reasons: Why the AUDI A3 should be Your Next Car

Naveed Ganatra

To many automobile geeks, Audi A3 is quite like the reflection of Audi A4 sedan. Bejeweled with all the sophistication, it’s compact, nimble and reasonably priced. Here’re a few important reasons that why you should get Audi A3 for your next ride. So let’s dive in:

Upscale styling

Although it’s quite known for being the entry-level car, its aesthetics are top notch. For the ones, who’ve tried out the Audi’s other Sedans, you’ll realize the A3 is just the other version of it.

Adding to its elegance, Audi A3 has quite a sporty look that’s going to fascinate many out there. The interior just leaves most of us awestruck with typical Audi refinement and sophisticated controls.

Impressive Value

With the base price of just over $30k, the A3 is comparatively cheaper than some highly-option family sedans. But don’t forget too, it comes with some amazing features like xenon headlights, Bluetooth, The MMI interface and 10-speaker-stereo. Indeed, it’s a whole a lot of value especially when you factor in the prestige of the Audi brand.

Efficient and Strong Engines

What’s the least that you expect from Audi? Astoundingly, the least of Audi A3 delivers much more than that. Even the base 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder engine makes a respectable 170 horsepower in return for 33 miles per gallon highway.

In case you want more speed and thrilling drive, the 2-litre turbo four-cylinder pumps out 240 Horsepower. Not to mention, it gives the same 33 mile per gallon on the highway.

Available All-Wheel drive

Unlike other cars but just like the Audi sedan, the A3 108 liter turbo starts with front-wheel drive. In case you don’t need Quattro all-wheel drive, it’s all your choice. But the legendary Quattro system comes standard on two-liter turbo models, and it turns the A3 into an all season car. No matter what climate you live, the A3 is up for the challenge.

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 Driving Feel

Admit it, every one of us what to have a premium driving feel while driving such a luxury car. A3 might be small, but it drives like a true luxury vehicle. It’s quite and stable at any speed even on the highway. Try pushing its corners, and it would hunker down like a sport sedan.

It only takes a few miles in the saddle to realize that A3 is an AUDI through and through. In short, it’s not a lot of many for the car but a lot of car for the money.

The A3 blends in finely what you love about Audis in a handsome and swanky package. With precise steering, it offers a superb finish. For its maintenance or timely fixtures, you can take the car to nearest Audi Service Dubai.


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