14 super steps for the best deals at mall stores

                                             “How to shop at mall stores & save more”

The shiny and display-worthy stores in shopping malls are all too appealing however, sometimes regarded as places with no room for bargaining which is really a misconception. In fact, mall stores are highly competitive at giving away lucrative promotions to sell their existing merchandise and make room for new. End-of-season discounts and seals let savvy shoppers save more which isn’t something unusual. Some even offer more than 75-percent off when holding clearance sale.

Mall coupons, reward programmes and promotions in Dubai for instance let you save sufficiently even on premium goods. All you need is know how to maximise the saving rather than turning your back shopping at the mall stores. Here’re some steps worth considering;

  1. Shopping apps are excellent to get the latest price comparison and avail e-coupons sent to your smartphone.
  2. Browse official website of the malls for details on store promotion, printable coupons and discount vouchers so on.
  3. Subscribe to loyalty programmes offered by many different malls nowadays to receive exclusive discounts and reward points on each purchase.
  4. Always check newspapers and shopping magazines that come with cut-out coupons and advertisements concerning latest news and offers.
  5. Subscribe to email notifications at your favourite mall stores to receive exclusive members-only sales promotion deals and lucrative gift vouchers.
  6. Be friends with store associates and ask them to alert you every time when there’s a sale or discount offer on your favourite products.
  7. If you already have discount vouchers or promotion codes, do carry them all the time in case you decide to shop at the mall stores unexpectedly.
  8. Most of the stores have particular discount and promotion days so always keep a track at one of your favourites. You may even ask sales associates about the days and specific timing be it evening or early in the afternoon whatsoever.
  9. Most of the stores also reduce cost of products that are slightly defected while giving room for bargaining as well. Don’t miss such opportunity especially when defect doesn’t compromise quality and purpose of the product!
  10. Do make the most of specialised group sales such as on students’ discount, senior citizen or military discount days so on. Always keep a check on official mall’s website and participating stores.
  11. If you shop on debit and credit card, the associated companies also offer cross-discount deals with mall stores which is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.
  12. Promotions in Dubai also come in package such as when making a hotel room reservation, you may get to shop at famous malls on special low price and lucrative offers.
  13. Before checking out at the store, always ask the store associate if there’re any offerings applied to the goods you just purchased or perhaps later on.
  14. Many mall stores follow price protection policies under which shoppers are refunded in full against the price drops in particular time period. Make sure you’re well aware of such details!
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Quench your thirst for shopping and keep saving simply with the above steps.

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