Images that reveal internal working

Physiotherapy, the branch of medical science that deals with the motor movement of the human body, has various therapies and techniques to help the patient and help him get relieved. One of such known therapy is Ultrasound which is provided with the help of various tools. It is offered only by an expert or under the guidance of an expert. Ultrasound imaging employs sound waves to create pictures of the inside parts of the body. It is utilized to assist in diagnosing the reasons of pain, infections in the internal organs of the body, internal swelling, to examine the condition of the baby in pregnant women, and the hips and the brain in infants. It is also utilized to guide biopsies, assess the damage caused after a heart attack, and diagnose heart conditions. It is a safe method, non- invasive, and does not employ ionising radiation.

This procedure does not need any special preparation. Your doctors will advise you on how to prepare for it, whether you should leave off drinking and eating beforehand. Don’t wear jewelry and put on comfortable and loose clothes. You may have to put on the gown.    

General Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound is painless and safe and creates pictures of the inside of the body by employing sound waves. Ultrasound imaging is also known as sonography or ultrasound scanning. It involves the utilization of a small probe or transducer and ultrasound gel which is directly applied to the area to be scanned. In this procedure, high-frequency sound waves are made to pass from the transducer and gel into the body. The probe gathers the sounds that rebound back, and a computer then employs those sound waves to produce an image. In ultrasound examinations, there is no use of ionizing radiation as in case of X- rays. Consequently, the patient does not get exposed to radiation. Since the images in ultrasound procedure are captured in real time, they easily exhibit the movement and structure of the internal organs of the body and show the flow of blood through the blood vessels also.


In advanced ultrasound therapy units, three-dimensional images are captured in which data is formatted into 3-D images.

A Doppler ultrasound examination can be said to be part of an ultrasound procedure. Doppler ultrasound also known as Doppler ultrasonography, is a kind of special technique of ultrasound. It enables the physician to make out and assess the flow of blood through arteries, brain, neck, legs, arms, and veins found in the abdomen in infants and children and in other parts of the body such as kidney and liver. Ultrasound therapy unit manufacturers are aware of its importance and make their products of high quality so that patients do not suffer due to the bad quality of any unit. There are three kinds of Doppler ultrasound as Colour Doppler, Power Doppler, and Spectral Doppler.

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